Mac下sed -i参数的使用方法

2018/04/02 Linux

mac下sed -i参数: command a expects \ followed by text


sed -i 's/source-string/dest-string/g' urfile


sed: 1: "a": command a expects \ followed by text

该命令,在redhat、ubuntu下执行则没有问题,这个问题产生的原因是Mac是基于FreeBSD,和RedHat不是一个系列。 查看mac下 sed 帮助文档,显示如下内容:

     -i extension
             Edit files in-place, saving backups with the specified extension.  If a zero-length extension is given, no backup will be saved.  It is not recommended to give a zero-
             length extension when in-place editing files, as you risk corruption or partial content in situations where disk space is exhausted, etc.

以上代表,mac下,-i 参数之后指定的字符串是用来指定备份文件的后缀名,如果不想备份文件,那么-i参数也需要指定一个空字符串:’’. 因此,修改之后的命令格式为:

sed -i '' 's/source-string/dest-string/g' urfile


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